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Aims Statement of Aims St. Roselyn Junior School is committed to learning that is engaging, inspiring and enjoyable and to learning that endeavours to ensure every individual reaches their full potential. We aim for all to gain lifelong lear

Co-curriculum activities

Physical Education (PE) curriculum The Physical Education curriculum aims to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in sport and other related activities. It provides opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which support

Our curriculum

Our curriculum in inclusive and our commitment to meeting the needs of all our pupils means teachers plan lessons that use a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies. Both more able pupils and those with special educational needs, benefit fro


Religious Education  God is at the centre of everything we do in our school.  Therefore religion is not only taught as a discrete subject but through every aspect of our daily school life.   As we live our lives and learn tog


Welcome Welcome to the new St. Roselyn Junior School website.  Anglesey Primary School is a thriving and successful school which I am immensely proud of.  I am proud not only of what St. Roselyn Junior is but what it is striving to be. At

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